Founded in 1998, KRAMER LEADERSHIP, LLC provides executive coaching and consulting for a variety of social impact sectors including education, government, non-profits, health care, and companies in the US, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, and Africa.  
To advance leaders and organizations for the greater good.

Our highly experienced industry experts choose to focus on higher education and organizations that positively impact society because we believe it is the best way to create meaningful social change.


1% of our profits go to support the Education Fund of The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights.

Lize Booysen
Senior Consultant

Lize is a full professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at Antioch University’s PhD program in Leadership and Change. She is an executive leadership coach and an internationally recognized scholar in the field of diversity, race, gender, and leadership.

Tony Gambill
Senior Consultant

Tony brings more than two decades of experience as a coach, facilitator and OD consultant, and has worked with leaders in more than 30 countries. He has led the Leadership and Talent Development functions for RTI International, Virginia Tech University, and Conversation International.  

Rob Kramer
Founder and CEO

Rob has been working in leadership and team development, primarily in higher education, since 1998. He brings a well rounded, holistic, systemic approach to his work with executives and leaders. Rob oversees business development and client delivery.




James Moeser
Senior Consultant

James is Chancellor Emeritus and Professor of Music Emeritus at the University of North Carolina, as well the former Chancellor at the University of Nebraska and Provost at the University of South Carolina. He is especially delighted supporting emerging leaders in higher education.




Nellie Ng
Senior Consultant

With twenty years of experience in nonprofit leadership, Nellie provides keen insight into the unique challenges facing organizations in transition. She works with leaders to build capacity, navigate change management, and develop strategic plans.

Art Pittman
Senior Consultant

Art has more than eighteen years in higher education experience both on undergraduate and medical center campuses. When working with leaders, Art takes a “systems thinking” approach which is based on empirically validated science with the ultimate goal of helping leaders think and act in more effective ways. 

Monica Rivers
Senior Consultant

Monica Corbitt Rivers is a Licensed Psychologist and executive coach, specializing in higher education, research, government and healthcare. She has held leadership positions at Duke University and N.C. State University and was a faculty member at Winston Salem State University. 


Robin Sansing
Senior Consultant

Robin is a faculty member in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina. She provides life changing coaching, teaching, and training to a diverse population of government,  higher education, non-profit, and private practice clients.

David Bond
Senior Consultant

David is an international facilitator, executive coach and retreat leader, who works as a catalyst for substantive leadership change. He has worked in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe and draws on over 20 years global experience with executives, senior leadership teams and organizations in transition.

Leilani Henry
Senior Consultant

A pioneer in bringing innovative whole brain strategies to personal, professional and organization transformation, Leilani's experiential processes bring excitement and lightening-speed results to tough personal, leadership, and organizational challenges.


Amanda Mathis
Senior Consultant

Amanda worked in the Healthcare sector for fifteen years before becoming a leadership coach. Her 25+ years of coaching with over 1,000 clients informs her work and attests to her passion to help clients achieve their goals.  Her work draws on her understanding of psychology, systems, culture, influence, and change.

Kimberly Nelson
VP of Operations

Kimberly worked in higher education for fifteen years and has consulted with boards and senior leaders in education and community organizations to help craft their strategic plans, external communications, and academic curricula. She oversees Kramer Leadership’s operations.

Kara Penfield
VP of Coaching

For more than twenty years Kara has served in leadership roles across higher education, public education, and private industry. She draws from her rich background in assessment across the fields of psychology and education. Kara oversees design and delivery of programs and services, as well as development of our coaches. 

Yaron Prywes
Senior Consultant

For over a decade Yaron has used coaching, writing, and speaking as mediums to share his expertise in the science of effective coaching and leadership development. He is an instructor in Education and Psychology at Columbia University.

Peter Ronayne
Senior Consultant

Peter brings over fifteen years of teaching at the University of Virginia, as well as another fifteen years of executive leadership development for the federal government.  He is the former dean of the faculty at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, VA.


Bev Wann
Senior Consultant

For over twenty-five years Bev has partnered with leaders in educational and public sector organizations helping them successfully lead transitions, build committed teams and develop their own competence and resilience.


Jacinta White     Senior Consultant

Jacinta brings an extensive background in non-profit management, and is a nationally recognized contributor to the field of diversity and social justice. A certified leadership trainer, she has a special talent for synthesizing creativity with team development. 

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