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KRAMER LEADERSHIP supports academic medical

centers, teaching hospitals, clinics, and health services to improve individual and public health.

Management and Leadership Skills for Medical Faculty and Healthcare Executives (2nd edition)

We are thrilled to share that Rob Kramer's book is, "helping solve the world's greatest challenges." Management and Leadership Skills for Medical Faculty and Healthcare Executives is among the top used publications that concern the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG3), Good Health and Wellbeing. 

Available from Springer, or click here

Medical Faculty Leadership

Our teams provides coaching for C-suite executives, senior administrators, deans, chairs, division chiefs, and other leaders to impact effectiveness, change and results.


We provide customized leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational effectiveness services to a wide range of healthcare environments.


In partnership with the Spiro Coaching Institute, the Academic Medical Center Coaching is a practical,

evidence-based, professional development courses designed specifically for people in Academic Medical Centers

or equivalent settings who want to add coaching skills to their tool box in order to:

  • Increase employee engagement and organizational improvement

  • Foster innovation, creativity, and proactive problem solving

  • Improve patient care and patient satisfaction

  • Develop bench strength, emerging and future leaders


Examples of deliverables and results we have provided:

(see Client page for complete list of who we have served)

WashU School of Medicine

Provided coaching to multiple department chairs regarding leadership and strategy issues.

American Red Cross

Provided coaching to a senior executive preparing for promotion.

Delivered plenary programming to improve coaching skills for leaders and to impact leading up strategies.

Duke University Healthcare System

Orchestrated a leadership academy for hospital system leaders; provide extensive coaching and facilitation across the enterprise.

UCSF School of Medicine

Coached a senior leader transitioning into a new role.

University of North Carolina HC

Guided major strategic planning efforts for various departments; coached a wide variety of leaders; facilitated organizational development efforts across the enterprise.

Premier, Inc

Provided executive coaching to enhance a senior leader's effectiveness.

Provided coaching to numerous senior executives and leaders across the system.

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