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"Rob is a very skilled coach who has a knack of asking the just right questions to get you to the “aha” moment without necessarily being directive.  A very insightful thinker, he is just the right person to have in your corner for those challenging situations."


Dr. Dele Davies

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies

University of Nebraska Medical Center

"I have been more than pleased with our work. The executive team has been effusive in their praise of the process and value the relationship with their coach.  I have also seen improvement in our team in general and the ability of the individual leaders to work cooperatively with each other.  For me personally it has been a great benefit.  As you can imagine, this is a very lonely job at times and the ability to have confidential and transparent discussions with you has been enormously helpful."


Dr. Joseph G. Joyner

President Emeritus

Flagler College

"My leadership has both changed and improved as a result of this support. I've learned to lead through 'coaching' as opposed to always giving my staff the answers, thereby creating my leaders within my group. Also, as the intensity and stress of my work environment has increased, I've learned new tools to help me navigate difficult conversations or projects."

Rodney Green_edited.jpg

Rodney Green

Director of Finance

Duke Raleigh Hospital

"As a newcomer to higher education, I needed a veteran coach with an insider’s perspective of the unique institution I had been called to serve, and deep experience and insights in helping top executives lead mission-driven nonprofits through tough organizational and cultural change. Rob has worked extensively in the UNC system, and with large government agencies... He’s a focused listener who gets the creative temperament, as well as bureaucratic and legislative mindsets... He has become one of my closest and most trusted advisors."

Lindsay Bierman 

Former Chancellor, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

and former Editor-in-Chief for Southern Living Magazine

"As an executive coach, Rob has been a remarkable asset.  His insights and resources provided supports that were instrumental in either setting or fulfilling objectives I established.  He surely exemplifies my highest expectations for coaching."

Lenora Johnson, DrPH

Director, Office of Science Policy, Engagement, Education, and Communications

National Institute of Health

Washington, DC

"Rob and I connected five years ago when I was in an Executive Leadership Program. Through his coaching, he was instrumental in asking the right questions and guiding me to develop a strategy to move from a daily hands on leader to the Executive Leader I needed to be. We recently reconnected and his coaching is even more beneficial in helping me draw out and answer questions that I didn’t even realize were troubling my mind. His coaching is sincere, relevant and timely. I am so grateful."


Janel S. Donohue


Rappahannock United Way

Fredericksburg, VA

"Mr. Kramer’s presentation was not only intellectually rigorous and evidence-based, it was presented in an exceptionally professional, engaging, and applicable way. This set a gold standard for plenary sessions."       

Conference attendee 

Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine (AAIM) 

Academic Internal Medicine Week, Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for an insight-laden and transformative three days! From the opening dinner with the Chancellor... to the paired coaching exercises, each experience has layered upon the next... I want to thank you for opening the door and inviting us to see what lies beyond. Thanks for being a wonderful teacher and coach!"

Howard Y. Liu, M.D.

Chair, Department of Psychiatry

Director, Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska

Former Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Development Programs

University of Nebraska Medical Center

"This presentation was one of the best I have ever participated in. The presenter was smart, highly educated/effective in the topic and even better demonstrated his skills in front of the entire room. Many presenters can talk a good game but rarely demonstrate the skill in action. I also liked the hands on practice exercise. This presentation is one I will take with me for the rest of my career."

Lynette Little 

FIS Special Agent in Charge, US Office of Personnel Management

Washington, DC

"Thanks for the training in Senegal... I've used the material for your course quite a bit - its been really helpful in my work."

Karen Klimowski

Deputy Director, US Agency for International Development

Nairobi, Kenya


“The luncheon on leadership was one of the most useful session I’ve had to date. It’s really something that I think all new faculty can benefit from. I know I wouldn’t mind listening to Rob again as it really crystalized concepts that I have in the back of my mind for a long time but couldn’t quite articulate.”

Samuel Lai, Ph.D. 

Professor, Eshelman School of Pharmacy 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


"I really enjoyed your presentation and the exercise... I'm currently pursuing my master's in public administration through the University of Alaska. Your leadership and management insight was much appreciated. I hope to get the opportunity to participate in another session with you."

Ray Howard

Regional Budget Officer, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Juneau, Alaska


"Your class on coaching was awesome and I really learned a lot. In fact, I am trying to exercise many of the coaching questions at each meeting... that's a good results metric indeed. Thanks for all that you do for future generations of federal executive leaders. I am constantly reminded of how asking the right questions delivers better outcomes."

Dr. Mary Ko Manibusan

Director, US Environmental Protection Agency

Washington, DC


"Many thanks. Remarks from class members after you left let me know that your practical teaching and skill-building through exercises with them was transformative... they found their experiences with your “hors d’oeuvre” enticing and applicable in their lives."

Barbara Zelter 

BSW Field Coordinator and Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Work

NC State University

"Before too much time passes from your presentation to our group... I wanted to send a note of personal thanks for your class... I struggled with choosing the "best" course to take that week and couldn't be more pleased that there was room in your class. One of the notes I offered in FEI's course critique is that you very adeptly taught the material by focusing on our group's interests and questions."       

David G. Delaney

Deputy Associate General Counsel, US Department of Homeland Security

Washington, DC


"We still receive reports from former fellows about how your training course has changed their lives."

Elizabeth Gorsuch

Executive Director

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

"I wanted to thank you, once again, for your guidance and support. I came out of yesterday’s coaching session feeling euphoric—lighter in step.  I will continue to work as hard, but with a better focus on taking care of myself.  It was necessary for me to hear this… to listen to your coaching.  Thank you."

Cheryl Anhava

Vice President, Program Officer, Private Foundation Services at JPMorgan Private Bank

Former Program Officer, Cultural Investments, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone

and Co-Chair, New York Grantmakers in the Arts

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